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Welcome to our Yorktown Virginia Carpet Cleaning Blog. We hope you find this blog as a resource for valuable information in maintaining a clean home, especially your carpet and furniture. We take great pride in our eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning services, and we hope you do too! Check back often for our latest posts and tips and tricks for cleaning success in Yorktown, Newport News, Hampton, and Poquoson, VA.

10 Things You Forgot to Clean

We all like to think that our homes are perfectly clean. After all, we all do our dishes and pick up clutter. We even clean the toilet! Our home has to be clean, doesn't it? Unfortunately, there is a lot more to a clean home, and there are many places that most people...

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How to Get Everyone in Your Family to Clean

It's difficult to keep a home clean. It's especially difficult when you have kids, who tend to make messes. If not everyone in the family is involved in helping keep the home clean, it can be an impossible task. Here's some tips to make sure that the whole family gets...

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How to Protect Your Carpet From Stains

It seems like no matter how hard you try, carpets always get dirty. Whether you accidentally spill red wine, or your kids spill red kool-aid, stains and spots always find their way onto carpets. It's infuriating. What if there was a way to prevent spots on your...

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Finding the Best Carpet for Kids and Pets

  The Classic Battle: Kids & Pets vs. Your Carpets   We all know that having kids and/or pets means some things might get damaged once in a while. That, and your carpets will definitely undergo some real wear and tear. Let's just try to minimize the damage and prevent...

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IMPORTANT: Seal Your Tile & Stone

  Have you ever seen what happens to grout when it's not sealed and cleaned? If you have, you know it's hard to relax in the shower or tub with all that bacteria around you. Rooms in your house that are beautifully designed with tile and stone should be the highest...

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The Right Vacuum to Tackle Allergies

When you think about fighting allergies, you may not think about getting your carpets cleaned. Most people don't realize that professional carpet cleanings are the most effective solution to minimizing allergy symptoms. With that said, occasional carpet cleanings...

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Identifying The Cold, Flu, & Allergies

Winter is often seen as cold and flu season. People work to safeguard themselves and their families against germs, bacteria and viruses that frequently accompany the season of sniffles and flu shots. And then there’s allergies. Colder weather brings less pollen and...

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